Holiday Survival!

Here are my top 5 tips for surviving the holidays:

1 – GO IN WITH A GAMEPLAN! If you want to stick to your training plan, schedule workouts ahead of time, make sure you carve out an hour here or there for a workout. Don’t feel guilty about taking some time for yourself and hitting the gym! It will keep you happy and you’ll feel more present when you’re with your loved ones.

2 –  PREPARE! Pre-make your desired meals and bring them with you to holiday gatherings. And, if you feel like you want to eat Christmas dinner with everyone else, go for it! Own it! Enjoy it! Know that your plan will still be there on Boxing Day and you can easily recover from one Christmas dinner!

3 – EMBRACE THE TWINKLE! The decorations, the magic, the people, the music, wrapping, traveling and everything else that embodies this time of year can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Remember that the holiday season only comes around once a year. Make the best of it ALL! Visit, be merry, and open yourself up to the fluffy feelings associated with Christmas. Release your inner TWINKLE! You’ll enjoy yourself and the stress will melt away.


4 – CARE FOR YOURSELF! Get up early, and while everyone else is sleeping, just sit. A big mug of coffee in hand, comfy slippers on, just BE! Gaze out the window, focus on your breathing, take a few minutes to just be present in your moment! You’ll feel revitalized!

5 – GO WITH THE FLOW! So you’re driving 12 hours to see your family for the holidays. Halfway there you hit the snow storm of the century and suddenly you’re crawling along the highway. This is YOUR adventure. It will be as awesome or as stressful as you make it. Crank the Christmas tunes and see whow does the best karaoke version of Jingle Bells!

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