Your 12-Week Program

Custom eating and exercise plan, tailored to you and your goals will take you to a place of self-love and life-dominance that you never thought possible.

Included in your 12-Week Program is your custom eating plan, created with your goals and needs in mind. You will also receive a substitution list which you can consult for a variety of foods that you can sub into your plan!

Also included is a workout program created just for you and your specific health and fitness goals!

You will check in once a week and receive feedback based on your progress. Adjustments may be made to your program, based on your weekly checkin.

Nicki will help you identify and address factors that may be limiting your success and provide helpful suggestions for working through these limiting beliefs so that you can get MAXIMUM RESULTS!!

You will have support via email or text message!


Eating Plan

Get a taste of how your life will be different by getting your very own custom eating plan! A great first step for getting started on your return to health!

Workout Program

You already know how great your body feels when you eat right, but you want to start exercising. Get a custom EXERCISE program tailored to your fitness goals!

HardLines Fitness for your best life!

Nicki started HardLines Fitness to change lives for the better. She has experienced the confidence and energy that working out and eating right provides. She has the power and control over her "Self" that has lead to achieving her wildest dreams!

Nicki's custom programs will have you looking and feeling better than you ever thought possible. She is the coach that cares about how you feel and wants you to succeed. She wants you to feel the strength and self-confidence that comes with living a healthy, active lifestyle.

An IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, Nicki knows what it takes to be a champion on the stage and in everyday life!